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Benefits of Batteries

Solar batteries allow you to store the excess electricity generated by your solar panels, making you less reliant on the grid for additional power.With Solar Boy’s reliable battery & back up solutions, you’ll never have to worry about power interruptions or outages again.

Independence from Grid

Be less dependent on grid power by storing unused or excess electricity generated by your solar panel. 

Reliable Back-up

No need to worry about power outages during storms or cloudy times when your solar panels are not able to produce enough output.

Maximized Generation

Improve your electricity generation performance throughout the day even if the sun is not shining.


Our experts will guide you through choosing the best battery that suits your budget and needs. We will discuss the pros and cons of using each brand and how to maintain them. 


Battery and Backup

Where will my battery backup system be installed?

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Batteries operate most efficiently at temperatures that are comparable to what humans prefer. The best location to put a battery system is in your home, close to the consumer unit.

How long can a solar battery power my home?

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A home battery alone can power your basic appliances home for about 24 to 48 hours. If you pair this battery with a solar panel system then you can enjoy continuous energy. This is because your solar panels can generate adequate energy each day to fully charge your home battery.

What is the safest solar battery?

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The batteries, that Solar Boy use, are generally safe. One of the safest and most reliable battery chemistries is lithium iron phosphate (LFP), which is well known for both of these qualities. 

How long will the solar backup batteries last?

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The battery technology determines how long a solar battery will last. The solar battery’s usable life typically lasts 5 to 15 years.

Can I use a battery backup without connecting it to my solar system?

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A lot of people are unaware that battery storage can be utilized without solar panels, using grid electricity to store energy for power outages or high demand periods. You can save money and increase your energy efficiency with this backup without installing solar panels.

Can a solar battery reduce my electricity bills to $0?

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Yes. With the right size of solar system and solar battery, it’s very possible to reduce your monthly electricity bill down to 0$.


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