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Discover the many benefits of adding solar power to your commercial or industrial building.

We are revolutionizing the commercial industry with our top-notch solar panel systems, designed to help your business minimize its operating costs and environmental impact. 

Is Commercial Solar Good For My Business?

We understand the hesitation a lot of business owners feel about using Solar Power. When compared to conventional power plants, using solar energy to supply electricity for your company’s activities will be less expensive and more reliable. In fact, installation costs have gone down significantly over the past decades making it a wise investment to have now.  

How Does Solar Power Help Me Save Money?

Our experts will discuss all the details regarding the installation. This includes all the possible savings you can get in using solar power for your business. We will help you get the best possible financing option to make sure that the whole solar installation process will be worth your investment. With all the money you can save by utilizing solar energy, you can allocate more funds to other areas of your company. 


A large number of nonprofit entities including churches, mosques, temples are installing solar panel systems all over North Carolina. Solar Boy offers highly discounted services for both system design & installation. Solar Boy consultants can guide your non-profit organization on all available rebates and incentives.  Contact us today to find out why you should consider solar panels for your nonprofit.


Many self storage buildings across North Carolina are adding solar systems to reduce operating expenses & hedge against rising energy costs from utility providers. There are many financing options, tax advantages & incentives. Our commercial experts will guide you through the process to maximize savings. Contact one of our solar experts today to find out how solar energy can give your storage facility a competitive edge.


Making the decision to use solar power for your business is a wise financial move. For us to provide our customized solar installation services, we need to know more about your business goals. Once we know everything you need to achieve your goals regarding solar energy, this is what we’ll do.  

Site Evaluation

All solar designs and installation plans are based on our initial site evaluation. We’ll check your property to assess shade and structural conditions along with topographical and geological surveys. We will also check legal aspects to ensure you have the right to build a solar energy system on the property.

System Design

The design and installation plans are finalized during this stage. You’ll receive a design drawing illustrating the panel placement for optimal solar absorption as well as the building process. Depending on your request, the design will display roof-mounted, ground-mounted, or carports.


Solar Boy will take care of all the permits needed for us to install the solar system on your property. We always make sure that we comply with local laws before and after the installation process. We will work closely with local authorities to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Installation Procedure

The process of construction varies depending on your project type and system size. No matter how big and intricate your project is, you can expect the finest workmanship from our installation experts. Best of all, we provide extensive warranties and top-notch after-sales services.

Our solar panel installers offer comprehensive services for your home, business or nonprofit organization. Our solar panel installation services allow non-profit & commercial clients to enjoy efficient systems at an affordable cost. Solar energy has become an increasingly popular option for North Carolina property owners thanks to its energy bill savings and the longevity of the equipment

What are my financing options?

Solar Boy consultants are here to guide you through all the financial aspects of switching to solar power. We can recommend you to our trusted lenders to help you finance your project with the most cost-efficient deal available.Our experts will guide you through several models including direct purchase, loans, and solar leasing. We will help you identify the most cost-efficient financing or payment solution for your project. Once you’re using solar energy, you’ll enjoy perks like rebates and tax breaks. These added benefits can help you attain a return on your investment in no time.


Commercial Solar

How does going solar help my business?

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By implementing solar energy, you will reduce your organization’s operating costs, increase the property value & reduce your dependency on the grid.

What solar system will fit my business?

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We typically determine the right system by taking your daily kWh energy needs and dividing them by your peak sun hours to get the kW output in order to design your solar system. To get the approximate number of solar panels you’ll need for your system, we’ll divide the kW output by the efficiency of your panels.

What maintenance is required for commercial solar panels?

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Yes, you can often leave solar panels alone because they typically require very little maintenance to perform. They only require a quick cleaning every so often to ensure that leaves, dirt, and other debris aren’t blocking the sun’s rays. If there’s a period of heavy snowfall in your area, that may be the only time you need to do more extensive maintenance as inches of snow can hinder solar panels’ performance.

Why should my business go solar now?

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Your company will be able to lock in power costs and lessen reliance on unexpected costs. Going solar increases business productivity and helps them save a lot in electricity costs. The sooner you go solar with Solar Boy, the sooner you enjoy these benefits. 

What is the lifespan of a commercial solar panel?.

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Typically, commercial solar panels have a lifespan of 15-20 years and require little maintenance especially if they are on a tilt, as rain can wash away any debris.

What other financial options are available besides purchasing a system outright?

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We have several financing options available if you are not able to purchase a system outright. In fact, most of our customers finance their solar system with no out of pocket costs. Contact us today and we’ll help you find a suitable financing option.


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