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There are many reasons to go solar ranging from energy independence, increased savings, home value increases & reducing your carbon footprint. What’s your reason?

Savings w/ Solar Boy

 Installing solar for your home can potentially reduce your electrical costs by thousands of dollars, and help mitigate annual rate hikes from utility companies. A Solar Boy Consultant will also review any rebates & incentives that you may be eligible for to maximize savings.

$0 Down Payment

Going solar has never been more affordable. It does not require anything out-of-pocket. In fact, Solar Boy pays for the first 12 months of your solar system! Imagine enjoying all the benefits of solar power without even worrying about payments for the first 12 months.

No to Power Outages!

Typically, the electricity generated by the panels is sent straight to your home’s electrical panel, where it runs every appliance there. Extra energy produced will go to the batteries which will then provide continuous electricity even if your panels are not functioning (usually at night).

EV Charging Station

If you have an electric vehicle or planning to buy one, then having an EV Charging Station at home is an easy decision to make. It doesn’t only save you tons of money but it also saves you time and mileage in your Electric Vehicle. No need to go to charging stations.

Solar Boy Home Installation Process

Solar Boy provides customized clean energy solutions at an affordable price. From initial consultation to installation, our goal is to simplify the process & provide you with outstanding customer service.

Step 1 - Request A Quote
  • Fill out our online form or call us.
  • Let’s talk about your project requirements.
  • We’ll give you a comprehensive quotation and schedule a home assessment.
Step 2 - Home Assessment
  • We’ll assess your home to see which solar system fits your need.
  • Our team will explain all the details of the project.
  • We’ll discuss the best financing options based on your budget. 
Step 3 - Installation
  • We’ll prepare the permits, materials, and equipment needed 
  • Our expert installers will arrive at your home on your preferred date.
  • Installation of solar panels, interconnection, and meter replacement will only take a few days.


Best Quality Solar Panels/ Backup Battery & Storage / EV Charging Station

Solar Boy provides the highest quality of solar components along with our excellent workmanship. We also provide fast and flexible financing options that will suit your energy needs and budget, whether you’re a homeowner, non profit or a business owner.

Solar Panels
Backup Battery & Storage
Home EV Charging Station


Residential Solar

How long will a solar installation take?

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It depends on the size of the project. A residential solar power project usually takes about 30-45 days depending on how long it takes to receive the required approvals. Let us know if you have a strict schedule that you need to follow so we can make the necessary adjustments.

Do home solar systems have a warranty?

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Yes. We have solar panel warranties that cover manufacturing defects and early wear and tear. We also have warranties that cover installation and workmanship.

What are the financial benefits of solar energy?

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By installing a solar energy system on your home, you lower your electricity costs and protects yourself from potential increases in electricity prices. It also increases the value of your property.

How do solar panels work?

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Solar panels receive energy from the sun, which they then absorb to produce direct current (DC) power. A device known as a solar inverter receives the power and converts DC power to AC power. The appliances in your house are then powered by alternating current (AC) power.

Can Solar Power My Whole House?

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Yes! It is possible to power a whole house on solar power alone. However, going completely off-grid requires a bigger investment as you need to install more solar panels and very strong solar batteries.

How does solar impact my property’s value?

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Studies show that homes with solar energy systems can potentially increase the home’s value by up to 4.1% more than comparable homes with no solar panels.


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We provide homeowners across Charlotte, North Carolina, and surrounding cities with a simple and affordable way to get the best solar technology. Learn more about investing in solar energy with Solar Boy today.

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